Sonic Fictions

ensemble works

excerpts from commercial recordings

Shards (2002-2003) – for flute, clarinet and cello (excerpt) – Ensemble FA

excerpt 1

excerpt 2

«Recueil de pierre et de sable» (1998) – for 2 harps (one detuned by 1/4-tone) 2 fl, cl, vln, vla, vcl – Ensemble Court-Circuit, P.A. Valade cond.

Empreintes (1995) – for 14 instruments and live electronics  (excerpt) – Ensemble FA, Jeffrey Millarsky, cond. IRACAM electronics

Streamlines (1994) – for 9 instruments (excerpt) – Ensemble Court-Circuit, P.A. Valade cond.

Broken Symmetries (2000-2001) – for flute, clarinet, French horn, violin and cello (excerpt) – Ensemble FA

live concert recordings

La Quintina (2012) for string quartet and live electronics – Arditti Quartet, ExperimentalStudio Freiburg, IRCAM 2-channel mixdown of 8-channel piece

Counterfactual (2010-2011) – for tam-tam, harp, double bass and six instruments (excerpt from live recording) – Callithumpian Consort, Steven Drury, cond.


live concert recordings

Speaking in Tongues (2010) – for six percussionists and orchestra (excerpt) – Les Percussions de Strasbourg  and the BUSO, John Paige, cond


Origins (1989-91) – for large orchestra (excerpt) – N.O.S. Radio Symfonie Orkest of Holland, Lucas Vis, cond.

solo pieces  (with and without electronics)

excerpts from commercial recordings

Veils (2001) – for solo piano (excerpt) – Marilyn Nonken, piano

Grisaille (2012) – for solo piano (excerpt) – Marilyn Nonken, piano

 “The Texture of Time” (2006) – for flute and live electronics – Patrice Bocquillon, flute

Breathe (1995) – for solo piccolo – Catherine Bowie, piccolo


Lolita – an imagined opera based on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov (2005-2008) – For 10 instruments, narrator, and electronics

stills and recording from production by Joji, Inc. music by Ensemble Fa, Dominique My, cond. from festival Les Musiques


excerpt from opening


excerpt from mid-work


excerpt from ending

link to live documentary video with 2-channel sound :