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Editions Max Eschig


Primer on Perception (2014) – for narrator and orchestra [2(+2 picc),2,2,2(+1Cb) 2,2,1,0 1 perc, strings] commissioned by the Greenwood Music Camp  Text 

Speaking in Tongues (2010) – for six percussionists and orchestra [4,3,3+1,2+1 – 4,4,2+1,1 – 6 solo perc – strings] commissioned by Les Percussions de Strasbourg for their 50th Anniversary note

Origins (1989-91) – for large orchestra [ – – timb, 5 perc, pno –] premiered at Gaudeamus Music Week 1992 by N.O.S. Radio Symfonie Orkest of Holland note

theater works

take my hand (2015-2017) for 10 instruments, 2 singers, electronics, lighting, guides and audience [fl., cl., French hn., perc., piano, harp, elec. gtr., vln, vla, vcl] written for the Dal Niente Ensemble

Lolita – an imagined opera based on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov (2005-2008) – For 10 instruments, narrator, and electronics [picc (aussi flûte), flûte en sol, cl. b., piano (aussi clavier numérique), 2 vln, alto, vcl, cb]  realized at IRCAM (Paris) and GMEM (Marseilles); commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture note

     part I (Humbert);

     part II (Lolita)

     part III (Durable Pigments) 

IM-agined (2007) – music for a dance collaboration with Joji, Inc. in collaboration with Hillary Zipper for multi-channel playback with recorded narration. Premiered at the STRP festival in Eindhoven on November 22, 2007

Now, what was it you were saying (1991) – for 2 sopranos, piano and an extra, commissioned by the Peabody Opera Workshop

Instrumental Ensembles (with and without electronics)

L’abîme (2015-16) – for 3 soloists, 5 onstage instruments and 3 instruments off-stage [solo: cl (also b. cl), bsn, vcl, onstage: fl, ob, pno, perc, vl, back of hall: French hn, vla, cb] written for the Talea Ensemble note

Counterfactual (2010-2011) – for tam-tam, harp, double bass and 6 instruments [fl, cl, French hn, vl, vla, vcl] commissioned by the Callithumpian Consort note

Objets trouvés (2008-2009) for 6 instruments  [fl, cl, pno, perc, vln, vlc] commissioned by Ensemble Court-Circuit note

«Recueil de pierre et de sable» (1998) – for 2 harps (one detuned by 1/4-tone) 2 flutes, clarinet, violin, viola and cello commissioned by Radio France for the Présence Festival note 

Empreintes (1995) – for 14 instruments and live electronics [2(aussi picc).0.2.0 – 1.0.2(tén/basse).0 – perc.pno –] commissioned by Ensemble l’Itinéraire and realized at IRCAM note

Streamlines (1994) – for 9 instruments [2 fl, cl, pno, perc, 2 vln, alto, cb] commissioned by Ensemble Court-Circuit  note

Paradigms (1993-94) – for 6 instruments and live electronics or tape [fl, cl, pno, perc, vln, vlc] both versions realized at IRCAM note


chamber music

La Quintina (2012) for string quartet and live electronics written for the Arditti Quartet, commissioned by the ExperimentalStudio des SWR, realized in collaboration with IRCAM note

Shards (2002-2003) – for flute, clarinet and cello, commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation note

Broken Symmetries (2000-2001) – for flute, clarinet, French horn, violin and cello, commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture and Ensemble FA  note

“… a ripple‑ringed pool…” (1990) – for violin obbligato and 4 instruments [fl, cl, vln, vlc] note

solo pieces  (with and without electronics)

just as much entangled with other matter (2014)– for solo accordion and hidden playback -under exclusivity and not published, commissioned by French accordionist Pascal Contet note

Grisaille (2012) – for solo piano, commissioned by pianist Marilyn Nonken note

Fantastic Zoology (2009) – for solo piano, commissioned by pianist Benjamin Binder


 “The Texture of Time” (2006) – for flute and live electronics, triggering or tape, commissioned by CCMIX and Ensemble FA  note

Facets (2005) – for solo clarinet, commissioned by clarinetist Marianne Gythfeldt note

Veils (2001) – for solo piano, commissioned by Thomas Kelly for his “First Nights” course at Harvard University note

“Till human voices wake us…” (1995) – for solo piano, commissioned by Dominique My in memory of Dominique Troncin

Breathe (1995) – for solo piccolo, commissioned by flutist Cécile Daroux

Tremors (1995) – for solo piano, commissioned by the American Pianists Association as a mandatory work for semi-finalists in their 1997 fellowship competition  note

Lightning (1991) – for solo piano note